Hey! Welcome to That Girl who loves and hate!!! (I’m so excited. ahhh.)

I am a 15 year old girl, living in Hong Kong. (No, Hong Kong isn’t in Japan.) I am not exactly the typical Chinese asian girl that comes to mind when you mention the word Chinese to people. I am a “Banana”, as my parents would say. Which basically means that I’m yellow on the outside and white on the inside. Literally implying that I am Chinese on the outside but western on the inside. (You may think it’s racist, but I think it’s hilarious.) That is basically because I grew up around western people and the western culture, and that’s because I go to an International School rather than a Local School. International School is basically a full English school with all it’s subject taught in English and the people (teachers, students, everyone) there are from all over the world thus the name International School.

Though I do have to warn you, I have a quirky and vulgar sense of humor and I make a lot of puns. Like a lot. Rather than ranting about all the things that I love and loath, I’ll just give you my Tumblr link and you can see for yourself.  [ You can give it a little follow if you like it;) ]



I will be writing about anything to everything on this blog. From movies that I’ve recently seen in the cinema to different clothing trends that I see on the internet that I want to say something about to food that I’ve either recently eaten or seen on Tumblr to different artworks and artists that I’ve either been working on or learning about at school. Just basically everything. 🙂

START OF That girl who loves and hate: October 5th 2013


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