Rocky Road Cookies

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So, I was just on Pinterest. Browsing through the Food & Drinks section and ohmygod. This. Looks. Freaking. Delicious. But all I can do right now is just stare at it and imagine how good it’d taste and how badly I want one right now. Seriously hate trying to control the amount of food I eat because I’m seriously gaining a lot of weight from letting myself eat whatever I want whenever I want. I’m not saying that letting loose once in a while is bad but I’m doing that constantly, which is really bad for your body. Also trying to loose some weight before my cousin’s wedding, wouldn’t want to see all those wedding photos years from now thinking, ohmygod I was so fat. Anyways. I will come back to this recipe in December. I promise. I will make these cookies for Christmas. They still look really delicious. They probably taste like heaven as well.



Rocky Road Cookies  |  Amandeleine

Every Tuesday evening after work, I come home and I work on my blog.

I upload photos off my camera.

I select a reasonable number of those photos (usually around 7-9) to edit.

I bring the selected photos into Photoshop for some mild tweaks in terms of levels and colour tones.

I upload the edited photos to WordPress and finally, write a blog post to go along with them and the recipe.

It is currently Tuesday evening at 10:56pm.

I don’t usually start this late…

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