Homemade Salsa

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I’ve never tried Salsa before since you can’t really buy it here in Hong Kong (well at least I don’t know where you can get some salsa here) but seriously. This looks amazing and delicious and it looks sooo mouth watering. It’s currently 11pm and I’m hungry for some of that salsa. I’m definitely going out tomorrow to get the ingredients needed for this recipe and making it in the afternoon. I need mah snack for my upcoming Marvel movie marathon. It looks really tasty and it probably is. I personally love guacamole and I know I know salsa isn’t guacamole but they’re kind of the same thing right? Anyways. I hope it turns out right when I make it.

Karen in the Kitchen

According to an old Seinfeld episode, salsa ranks #1 in America as the top condiment of choice, over ketchup.  I did not know this.  But, after tasting this homemade salsa, I can see why!

On this particular day that I made this refreshing salsa, I didn’t know that I was going to also be giving my kitchen counter tops a thorough cleaning.

Read on to find out how it all came about.

In your trusty food processor, add in chopped onions and fresh garlic.

Next pour in the cans of tomatoes.

Of course, salsa would not be salsa without jalapeno and lime.

Here’s where it got interesting.  Let’s play a game of I Spy.  Can you spot something wrong with this picture?

Have you found the lovely stream of pink fluid exiting my food processor?  If you’ve ever overfilled your food processor before, enough to fill your counter with a…

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