Confession time – Girl Code

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Hi guys.

So, I don’t know if any of you have heard of this TV show before or you have and you’ve just never been bothered to go online and check it out. It’s this show done by MTV; and I’m completely and utterly obsessed with this show. Girl Code is fucking amazing. They literally talk about everything from like period to sex to boyfriends to mean girls to … (you get the idea). I just love that show. It’s funny but everything they say is so true and their advices. Girls need to watch this. Hell, guys should watch it as well, just to understand girls more. Guys, seriously, if you think that girls are confusing and complicated creatures, watch Girl Code.


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I never thought that I’d learn anything from a show that is produced by MTV, I mean look at Teen Moms and Teen Moms 2. I mean if you’re going to make a show called Teen Moms to show teenage girls how shit will be if you get pregnant and to stop them from doing it, I don’t think you’re doing a really good job. The only thing that, that TV show has taught teenage girls is that: “LOL it’s like totes okay to get pregnant at like 16 and like I could totes try out for the next season on Teen Moms and like I’d totes blow up and turn into a huge reality TV star and I’d get so many followers on twitter like omg.” IF they’re so-called lesson to the teenage girls worked, Teen Mom 2 wouldn’t exist. Though I must admit that MTV did do a really good job with Girl Code.

Girl Code is honestly like the fun Holy Bible of the girl world. They have so much insight into everything that it’s just fucking brilliant. It makes me wish that one of them was my sister so that watching Girl Code wouldn’t be a guilty pleasure. Like seriously, people get so much shit on liking certain things. I get shit for liking Irish Gaelic cover of Pop songs. I fucking love that song because parts of it is true and I can really relate to it. PARTS of it. I also get a lot of shit for liking Royce’ potato chips. For all the sad people who has no idea what I’m talking about and is really confused as to what it is. It’s basically chips dipped in chocolate.  It. Is. Honestly. The. Best. Tasting. Thing. In. The. World. It’s like once you go Royce, you’ll lose your voice. (eh eh eh you see what I did there?) Gosh, I seriously need to stop making so many puns. Honestly, there’s a lot more on this list. BUT I’ll save that for next time.

Till next time. Au revoir x


Here’s a few Irish Gaelic cover of Pop songs: (Honestly love them.) (btw. The guy in the video is soo hot. He reminds me of Sam Claflin and I. Freaking. Love. Sam. Claflin.)

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